Between performance and sculpture, I'll Give You My Bird If You Promise To Pass It On is an interactive piece, a local multiplayer game for 4 - 16 players that lasts around 15 minutes. Players enters a room furnished with 16 mechanically vibrating modules, modules that are just small enough to fit the hand. Some fast and some calm, some simple and others complex or even erratic, each pulsating at their unique pattern. Inspired by Fluxus-style instruction pieces, paper notes with a two-sentence instruction are passed around between the players. The first note, given at the entrance to the room, give instructions to search for “birds.” The three following notes (2 - 4) are passed around as time progresses asking players to trade birds based on conditions/promises created on the spot. The final instruction give instructions to place the birds on plastic cups creating a landscape and soundscape of amplified vibrating birds.

I'll Give You My Bird If You Promise To Pass It On uses the Vibropixel technology developed by Ian Hattwick1, a modular system of vibrotactile devices controlled centrally via the MaxMSP software.

Developed with support from  
Milieux Institute
TAG Research Centre