Hi, I am Ida. I am a media artist.

I work with a mix of screen-based games, screenless games, interactive sculptures, and workshops - a conglomerate of game culture, performance art, sculpture and installation. My work take form as a response to the environments I find myself in: socially, politically and technologically. I worked with mechanical and felt vibrations, interested in the minimalist forms of games that emerges when sense-making is challenged in the process of democracization, when sense-making becomes noisy, situational, unstable and unpredictable. 

I am originally from Copenhagen, and I currently live in Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal), and I have a PhD from Concordia's Individualized PhD program under the Fine Arts Faculty. I work with TAG Research Lab, the Milieux Institute and I am affiliated with the Hexagram network.

Follow Instagram for work in progress and Twitter for occasional flares of opinions.