IATTN is a simple game of catch for 5 players playing with the space between players: distance, touch, proximity and shifting attention levels. Using a brainwave monitor and PS Move controllers, the player playing with the brainwave monitor, called “The Brain,” hinders other players’ movements by concentration. By high concentration the other players become unusually sluggish creatures, almost unable to move. The Brain’s concentration must be broken in order to regain the movement necessary for the catch.

In collaboration w. Amani Naseem, Patrick Jarnfelt, Simon Wallner and Julian Hansen. Sound by Anders Børup.

Played at: Playpublik, 2012, Berlin, Germany. http://playpublik.dePlayVienna, 2012, Vienna, Austria. http://playvienna.com Open Playground 2012, Copenhagen, DenmarkUrblay, Copenhagen 2012, Denmark W00t, Copenhagen, 2013, Denmark. http://w00t.dk