Thinking through the skin is a thinking that reflects, not on the body as the lost object of thought, but on inter-embodiment, on the mode of being-with and being-for, where one touches and is touched by others.” - Sarah Ahmed and Jackie Stacey in the introduction to “Thinking Through the Skin” (2004).

Promises is a local multiplayer game for up to 15 players in which algorithmically composed vibration patterns takes primacy over the screen. Promises explores what local multiplayer games might look like when using algorithmic vibration as primary material for expression. In Promises, objects circulate between the hands of the visitors. Objects and promises replace one another via the acts of trading, making attachments, and letting go. Just like vibration cuts through materials differentially, so does it cut through human bodies in often surprising ways. Preferences and meanings emerge. Take a break, use your hands to listen and tune into the subtle vibrations pulsating in the objects of Promises.

Read about the makign process here.

Shown at: Taking Care, Ars Electronica Campus Exhibit. Linz, Austria, 2018Time Machine, an Urban Games Festival, part of the programme of Plovdiv 2019 European Capital of Culture. Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2018